The happenings

Hello! This week was a whirlwind of lots of different things going on, yet a good week nonetheless. After Surviving San Fermín, I still found myself with quite a bit of energy despite the fact I was completely sleep deprived. Sunday night, I went out walking around Madrid for a few hours. I constantly am reminded how much I love this city.

We will fast forward a little bit to get into more interesting stuff. This week, one of my extended family members from Texas found herself in Madrid. She is part of a Classical Guitar Ensemble back in Texas and would be performing various times her in Madrid during her visit! They are currently with an organization called ChamberART that does various musical concerts throughout the year in different locations. While I was unable to attend her Thursday night show, I found my way to her show on Friday night at Ateneo de Madrid. It is a beautiful, elegant, historic filled venue located on Calle del Prado. It was my first time visiting it and I found it to be quite lovely.

The ceilings, architecture, and everything was stunning. You could not go wrong with this location. The concert started with five pianist ranging in all different ages. There was the sweetest little boy to an amazing girl from Italy. Overall, it was a grand experience piano-wise. From there, three guitar ensemble groups performed – my cousin’s being the last. While some groups were smaller, my cousin’s group was much larger. They played pieces from Spain, Mexico, and the US. It was honestly fascinating to watch and brought back so many memories of Andalucia. The music is the type you would traditionally find during a Flamenco show, so it was a really unique opportunity to hear them perform while being in Spain!

I was able to meet musicians from all different places, so it was fun to hang out for a little while after the show and take pictures for people! After some time, we parted ways temporarily and I headed to a little tapa place to meet my friends. We hung out there for a while before going to our friend’s hotel. We ended up going to Kaptial that night which is a huge club located here in Madrid in an old theater. It was a neat experience, however, my mellow mood that night made me a lot more of the people watcher – no complaints!

Saturday, I headed out with my cousin and her friends to show them around Madrid a little bit. We walked around your typical tourist places, grabbed churros, and somehow, El Rey León came up. One of the girls is a Disney and broadway fanatic, so this was definitely her cup of tea. We walked over to Gran Vía so they could explore it a little bit and in that moment, we ended up buying tickets to the show! Now, you might remember a few posts back when I went to the show – a whole week and a half ago? Yet, here I was again making my dream come true!

It was an awesome show, as always, and it was so fun to sit with people I knew and watch them experience it for the first time. For my cousin and one of the girls, it was their first broadway experience. What better show to watch than The Lion King?

After an exhausting, sun filled week, I decided to take the night off and head home to sleep. Today, my friend and I are sneaking to the stores to take one last advantage of Las Rebajas (translated: amazing, ridiculous, awesome sales). Reality is starting to hit hard: I go home in one week from now. As I write this post, I will be on a plane next week and that terrifies me. Sure, I am so excited to see my family and friends, but for the first time, I don’t know when I am coming back. Europe has been my home for this summer, the last semester, as well as last summer. There has always been a next time, yet now I am faced with the question: when? It’s going to be a hard week as I say goodbye to coworkers, my family, and so many wonderful friends. It is going to be so sad to say goodbye to the city I love and the culture so dear to my heart. For years, I’ve been talking about my admiration for Madrid and Spain as a whole, yet here I am faced with saying goodbye. That said, with all the chaos of getting all the “last” moments in, I might be away from the computer a little while as I soak it in this week. Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading! Oh, and if anyone wants to supply me with a Visa to live in Europe long-term, I’ll take it. ;)

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One response to “The happenings

  1. Enjoy every minute. It sounds like you have had an amazing summer. I hope you are able to return soon:).

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